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Horticultural Use

the Welby System

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Covers & Shades
education covers and shades

stock and feed covers,shades and houses

hot houses, growing houses and shade houses


Specialised covers and shades

Specialised covers and shades

Carports, deck & patio covers, gazebos, hot houses, shades houses


Plastic houses, shade houses,
combination houses.

Optimal light transmission through the use of interlocking structural grade extrusions

Aluminium framework supported by 65mm x 65mm Duragal steel posts

Top quality Agphane 101 horticultural film or shade cloth

Designed and built to your particular needs and height requirements.

Variable leg heights, bay widths

Rack & Pinion vents to suit - low maintenance and manual or automatic

Sliding or hinged doors as and where required

Ridge at 25 degrees to prevent condensation dripping

Rooms within houses

Wide gutters that allow fast removal of rain water

We could give you a list of all our sizes and give them a name, but we don't work like that.

Our system is so flexible we believe in working with you to design the environment you want.

We don't think we should tell you what you should have.

if you have something in mind, tell us and we'll find a way to do it



simple yet superior

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