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the Welby System

aluminium with fabric tension clipping system

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Covers & Shades
education covers and shades

stock and feed covers,shades and houses

hot houses, growing houses and shade houses


Specialised covers and shades

Specialised covers and shades

Carports, deck & patio covers, gazebos, hot houses, shades houses

The system is a concept fully engineered in aluminium to achieve simple building designs free of corrosion and low in maintenance.

Constructions to date range from 3 square metres to 20,000 square metres. Covered in a range of modern materials they provide sun, rain and wind protection, for people, plants, property, animals, fish, timber, and experimental facilities.

Structures are technologically advanced, permanent and unique. They incorporate interlocking aluminium extrusions and a clipping system that tensions each individual panel of material until it is taught and firm.

PVC, plastic and shade cloth is fixed on the extrusion by effortlessly hammering on the unique clip, which in turn tensions the fabric.

Because of the flexibility and adaptability of the system there is no restriction to the size of the structure that can be erected.

The design possibilities are endless as there are over 30 extrusions (including guttering) that all interlock to form numerous configurations.

Suitable for all farm, commercial and residential growing houses, shelter, covers, sheds, carports & gazebos.

Each structure is designed and manufactured for maximum strength and to meet local regulatory authority requirements without compromising quality or cost effectiveness.

Designed for longevity and easy maintenance with wide walk on guttering; each extrusion (including rafters) is individually clipped on. Access to any part of the roof means that maintenance cost is minimal.

No pipe bending and welding, or brackets with nuts and bolts in this system!

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